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VIAL - Vitoria Álava Logistic Solutions

What is VIAL?

VIAL - Vitoria Alava Solucion Logistica - is the brand that exemplifies and ties together a group of specialized infrastructures and industrial areas for logistical uses, concentrated in Alava. VIAL is a top-quality logistics supplier from the Basque Country. This brand was born under pressure from Basque institutions that have invested hundreds of millions of euros in strengthening the existing logistical potential since many years ago in order to convert it into a reference in logistics in Northern Spain as well as their own niche at the highest level of logistics supply in Europe.


A flexible, unique and extensive offering

A flexible offering

Adaptable to space requirements: Small and large lots, façades- display windows, etc.

Adaptable to location requirements: Next to a cargo airport, next to a commercial railway terminal, next to a dry port, in centres for fleet operators, in high-activity industrial estates...

Adaptable to activity requirements:Specific spaces for intermodal transport, storage, transfers, distribution and every one of the processes in the logistics chain.

A unique offering

A privileged enclave in southwest Europe.

A great potential for generating cargo in the environment that is closest to the most important concentration of industrial businesses in northern Spain, including important multinationals.

A great intermodal offering that covers all modes of transport.

A extensive offering

Large available surface area that allows expansion of logistical infrastructures as well as industrial estate.

A clear and tangible bid of confidence from the various institutions which promote VIAL for the development of a top-level large logistical hub in Europe, with important investment in its expanding infrastructures.

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